Our success and ongoing growth is based on a unique mix of high quality manufacturing, sourcing know-how and adaptable, reliable global logistics.

What we offer

At TR we pride ourselves on the end-to-end support that we offer to all customers. We don't just sell industrial fastenings – we design, we problem-solve, we engineer, we manufacture, we source and we reliably deliver high quality, value adding components and logistical solutions to production lines across the world.

TR is a recognised and established global brand across a wide range of manufacturing sectors. We differentiate ourselves in the market by offering a unique blend of high quality manufacturing with sophisticated supply chain distribution and logistics.

How we do it 

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Design & application

High quality low cost manufacturing

High quality, low cost manufacturing

Sourcing of components

Sourcing of components

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Opportunities for growth

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Investing for growth

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Global logistics

How we do it

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Recognised by our customers and suppliers as a key part of our success


  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Distribution network


  • Brands
  • Licences
  • Company reputation


  • Strong cash generation
  • Access to capital
  • Shareholders’ equity


  • Strong culture
  • Technically skilled
  • Enthusiastic and energetic

Our key partners for growth

The strong relationships we have built with our key customers over the last 45 years are a significant asset to the Group. We continue to prioritise the development and protection of these partnerships as we move forward to gain further market share across the world.

Our established supplier network helps to support growth. Having a global network of trusted, high quality and reliable suppliers gives the confidence to continue to grow and evolve as the global fastener market demands dictate, be that via supporting new product ranges, logistical methodologies or geographies.

www.trfastenings.co.uk showcases the proprietary product range in greater detail. There are c.50,000 drawings that can be downloaded from the commercial site, together with animations illustrating how to use the product, all supported with engineering guidelines and data.

View more information in the Annual Report 2018