Corporate social responsibility

Trifast remain focused on delivering 'Continuous Improvement' in relation to the Group's objectives and 'performance measurables' ie, how we, as a business approach CSR – for individual business teams, locations and for the Group as a whole.

Our key Group topics embrace;

  • health & safety
  • energy consumption within our properties
  • fleet vehicle fuel consumption and emissions
  • wasteful packaging
  • personnel travel
  • flexibility for staff compassionate leave (combined with pastoral care)
  • ethical sourcing
  • supply chain freight logistics.
Corporate social

Multi-national customers now include CSR audits when inspecting and validating potential new suppliers; therefore the ongoing development of our own CSR activities is extending beyond business ethics, environmental and community to include essential major customer compliance.

TR has formed close links with local schools and colleges promoting opportunities for work experience, classroom seminars, pupil and staff visits and to generally foster a better level of understanding between us as a potential employer and possible future applicants for employment. This approach has assisted in recruiting young people into the Apprenticeship scheme.

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Business ethics

We expect our business activities to be conducted in accordance with high standards of ethical conduct and full compliance with all applicable national and international laws. We, in turn, apply these standards to all dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Code of Business Ethics and Responsible Behaviour provides a guide to the way we achieve our business goals, helping us to behave in an open and ethical manner. This extends to provisions for 'whistleblowing' whereby employees may report suspected wrongdoings in confidence. Appropriate ethical behaviour is reviewed as part of the Group's performance appraisal process.

Read more about Group policies from page 58 of our latest Strategic report

Health & safety

Trifast is committed to meeting all relevant health & safety legislation, regulation and Codes of Practice. The Group Health & Safety Policy places responsibility for the management of health & safety on the individual business unit management who are supported by health & safety advisers where necessary. All business units provide employees with relevant comprehensive health & safety training and a written health & safety policy.


Good environmental practice and the impact that our operations have on the environment are of great importance to our business. The main aim of Trifast's Environmental Policy is to comply in all areas where we operate and to adopt responsible environmental practices with all relevant legislation.

We have established a process for monitoring legislation and acting upon it where necessary. Business units are required to comply with Group policy and local statutory regulations and are committed to setting their own environmental targets such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and increasing recycling in conjunction with Group objectives.

The business and the community

Trifast recognises the role local communities play in our businesses. We aspire to be a responsible partner in the communities we operate in around the world. We encourage all our businesses to support the particular needs of their communities by contributing to local charities and community initiatives.

Most of our financial contributions to charities come from the effort and personal involvement of our staff around the Group with tangible support from the business including flexible working and the use of Company vehicles and premises for fund raising. Not only does this provide real benefits to local communities it increases team spirit amongst our people.


Corporate social

Trifast aims to attract, retain and motivate the highest calibre of employees within a structure that encourages their development and initiative. Employees are provided with ongoing learning and development opportunities that are aligned to the Group's strategic and business units' objectives with formal personal development programmes linking to these targets.


We aim to maintain a productive and open dialogue with all interested parties in our business including shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. We have established customer relations, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, monitor and develop supplier performance and undertake regular employee surveys. Our investor and commercial websites provide information to interested parties and the opportunity to contact us.