The team based in Houston, Texas, is no longer a small team based on servicing the Electronic business segment in just the USA.  We have grown into a multilingual site that services both the Automotive and Electronics segments of our Global Corporation, delivering product into Mexico, Canada, and the USA, while supporting other TR sites across the globe.  Multinational global customers are the cornerstone for TR Fastenings globally, and the same holds true for us here locally. With that in mind, we are strategically located on the port of Houston, Texas, allowing us to be able to deliver product almost anywhere in the North American continent in 3 business days.  Our team has become what TR Fastenings embodies as a strategy; a diverse, energetic team, able to keep up with the global marketplace, leveraging its global footprint while relying on its most important asset, its employees.  When someone asks who do you work for, we “all” proudly respond TR Fastenings, our second family
  • Gary Badzioch

    Gary Badzioch

    Managing Director, USA

  • Joe Haymes

    Joe Haymes

    Strategic Sales Manager, USA