We aim to attract, retain and motivate the highest calibre of employees and encourage their development through training and development programmes that are directly aligned with our Group objectives.

HR team and communications

Communication is very important, especially communication with our employees across the Group. Each year, senior team members visit the business locations to speak to all staff about the progress, developments and innovations within the Group as well as the performance of the Group and presenting how individuals have contributed to those results.

With one of the main strategic pillars being ‘investing in people’, the work and responsibilities of the HR team continue to grow; we also have HR representatives in all our locations to help implement the Group HR strategy. The team is responsible for general HR matters across the UK, Europe and USA, as well as the environmental, health and safety and corporate social responsibility aspects of the business.


The future of marketing is ever changing, with automation and digital trends becoming more and more prominent the TR Marketing team work continually on developing the way in which they promote the business to the market place. Currently, the key areas of focus are the commercial website, social media, global exhibitions, monthly digital promotion of TR’s product ranges and the ongoing PR and advertising of the global brand.

The team works with global sales to develop marketing material showing TR’s capabilities around the globe from, industry specific brochures and videos, corporate presentations, multi lingual product literature and targeted promotional items. They also provide support at regional and international expos working with the global sales teams to organise and promote the Brands and capabilities on offer from the Group.

Equal opportunities

The Company is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees and ensuring that our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination of any kind. We have policies in place to support this commitment including our equal opportunities policy and our business ethics policy.

Trifast Board

Executive and senior management

All other employees

Trifast Executive Board

Apprenticeship programme

Our apprenticeship programme, which lasts two years, continues to be a great recruitment tool as well as a meaningful business training opportunity. Having commenced at Head Office the scheme (covering the disciplines within sourcing, warehousing, Group Services and sales) is now being rolled out to other locations including within other European locations such as TR VIC (Italy) and TR Kuhlmann (Germany).



Uckfield apprentices: Ben Rees-Webbe Sales apprentice, Nathan Blake CAD apprentice, Lydia Ball HR apprentice and Stuart Carlton Finance apprentice

Manchester apprentices: Bethany Tomlinson Sales apprenticeDenhom Lewis Warehouse apprentice

North East apprentices: Emily Cowens Business Administration apprentice

Belfast apprentices: Bradley McCord Warehouse apprentice


Performance management

The performance management system within the Group continues to be a good interactive management tool. The competency framework within the system sets out the key behaviours that we feel are important for all of our employees to work towards and includes such skills as communication and decision making. The system also allows us to analyse any training needs and to identify those employees that are keen to progress within the Company so that we can then add to our succession planning programmes.

Developing skills

Developing skills is an important initiative for the Group with structured training programmes in place. These assist us in identifying colleagues who could step up and be considered for alternative roles within the Company. Once candidates are identified, their training needs are put in place. This could be one of the specific training programmes we have developed, or could be more specific skills training where we would source the most relevant training course to fulfil the training need.