We aim to attract, retain and motivate the highest calibre of employees and encourage their development through training and development programmes that are directly aligned with our Group objectives.

HR team and communications

Communication is very important, especially communication with our employees across the Group. Each year, senior team members visit the business locations to speak to all staff about the progress, developments and innovations within the Group as well as the performance of the Group and presenting how individuals have contributed to those results.

With one of the main strategic pillars being ‘investing in people’, the work and responsibilities of the HR team continue to grow; we also have HR representatives in all our locations to help implement the Group HR strategy. The team is responsible for general HR matters across the UK, Europe and USA, as well as the environmental, health and safety and corporate social responsibility aspects of the business.

Group HR vision statement

To promote an environment that motivates, develops and maximises the contribution and potential of all TR employees and at the same time ensuring their health, welfare and wellbeing in the workplace.

The human resources function of the business continues to develop and has responsibility for Group human resources, health and safety, environment, corporate social.

responsibility and sustainability. The team’s skills profile reflects the specialisms that are needed and, this year, we have been able to expand the team with the addition of two apprentices – one in human resources and one in the health, safety and environment team.


The future of marketing is ever changing, with automation and digital trends becoming more and more prominent the TR Marketing team work continually on developing the way in which they promote the business to the market place. Currently, the key areas of focus are the commercial website, social media, global exhibitions, monthly digital promotion of TR’s product ranges and the ongoing PR and advertising of the global brand.

The team works with global sales to develop marketing material showing TR’s capabilities around the globe from, industry specific brochures and videos, corporate presentations, multi lingual product literature and targeted promotional items. They also provide support at regional and international expos working with the global sales teams to organise and promote the Brands and capabilities on offer from the Group.

Equal opportunities

Equality and fairness are very important parts of the culture of Trifast. All of our decisions about recruitment, promotion, training and development are made within our framework of equality.

Trifast Board

Trifast Executive Board

Executive and senior management

All other employees

The thread of equality also runs through our training courses, reiterating the need for everyone to treat each other with respect. The Group has a number of HR policies that are applicable globally and apply to all of our employees wherever they work across the world. These include, but are not limited to, the Equal Opportunities Policy, Harassment Policy, Business Ethics and Responsible Behaviour Policy and Dignity at Work Policy. All entity Directors have signed up to these policies and their adherence to them is audited by the Group HR Director as part of the internal audit process.

Apprenticeship programme

Our successful programme continues

and we currently have the following apprentices:

TR Fastenings, UK

  • Emily Haigh – Warehouse
  • Lydia Bell – Human Resources
  • Ben Rees-Webbe – Sales
  • Brian McCord – Sales
  • Lucas James – Warehouse

TR Kuhlmann, Germany

  • Yasin Akbulut - Warehouse
  • Tolunay Öztürk - Sales

Emily Cowens

Emily Haigh

Lydia Ball

Ben Rees Webbe

Brian McCord

Lucas James

Tolunay Ozturk

Shani Coker

Yasin Akbulut

Performance management

The performance management system within the Group continues to be a good interactive management tool. The competency framework within the system sets out the key behaviours that we feel are important for all of our employees to work towards and includes such skills as communication and decision making. The system also allows us to analyse any training needs and to identify those employees that are keen to progress within the Company so that we can then add to our succession planning programmes.

Developing skills

The development of our employees, both in technical and professional skills, continues to be an important priority. Our leadership and management training courses provide our new managers and senior managers with the skills required to carry out their roles effectively. In addition to these programmes, we also provide training in the ‘softer’ skills including effective communication, time management and negotiation skills.

Over the coming year we will be reviewing all of our training provision in each of our operating locations to make sure that we are providing the most relevant training and development opportunities to those who need them.

A lot of the training activity that will take place in the coming months will focus on Project Atlas training to make sure that all our employees can easily and successfully adopt the new software and associated programmes.

Code of business conduct

This year we produced a Corporate Code of Conduct (‘Code’) that was distributed in hard copy to all our locations and is also available on our website. All our employees have been asked to read and fully understand the Code which contains our vision, our mission and our core values, together with our policies for ensuring ethical business practice.

The Code not only helps our employees but also helps our customers, our suppliers, our distributors, contractors and other suppliers of goods and services all around the globe to understand our requirements to observe all relevant laws and regulations.

The policies and documents that are applicable to the Code of Business.

Conduct are as follows:

  • Business Ethics and Responsible Behaviour Policy
  • Anti-Bribery Statement and Policy
  • Modern Slavery Statement
  • Environmental Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Product Quality Procedures
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Equal Pay Policy
  • Dignity at Work Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy

All employees are aware of the global Whistleblowing Hotline that is available to them in their own language. The hotline is hosted by a third party company and is available for employees to report any activity or behaviour that they do not feel is appropriate. No reports have been submitted to the Hotline within the last twelve months Adherence to the policies within the Code are audited as part of the Group HR Audit process.

The future

The coming year will see the Group HR Director present a new global HR transformation strategy to the Trifast Board. This strategy has been developed to further enable the HR function to ensure that the right talent, managerial mobility and cultural mix are all in place to effectively manage all of our operating units and our growth opportunities.

The HR transformation strategy aims to address the differences we have within our organisation in terms of customs, habits and behaviours by providing opportunities for the decision makers within the business to regularly work together, problem solve and agree on relevant actions.

The strategic objectives of the HR transformation are as follows:

  • Implementation of a modern, fit-for purpose global HR system
  • Introduction of a global (and local) onboarding process (as part of new system)
  • A full HR, Health and Safety and Environment audit process (already in place)
  • A new global HR business partner model
  • An effective employee development approach from ‘hire’ to ‘retire’ supporting a modern, flexible workforce and facilitating the Group succession plan – this will include skills profiling and a complete review of our training and development activity
  • A new employee communication strategy supporting both employee engagement and wellbeing
  • A global wellbeing strategy to ensure relevant support and healthyoutcomes for all employees