Trifast Group prides itself on its family culture and this can be felt in every location, no matter where that is in the world.
Through our operations of TR Fastenings, TR VIC and TR Kuhlmann, we deliver a high-class service at the right price. Relationships based on mutual respect and professionalism enable the TR organisation which operates over many sites to function as a cohesive team.
We focus our attention on delivering consistency and continuous improvement to our customers, developing a variety of different industries such as engineering, automotive, electronics, agricultural, fabrication, home appliances and general industry. We work closely with our customers and we listen to what their requirements are, to achieve ‘the best results’.
We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a product and service that can only be attained with the attributes of passion, pride, determination, motivation, and respect in all that we do in our everyday jobs.
TR is a multinational Group but designed on a human scale.
  • Geoff Budd

    Geoff Budd

    Director, Europe

  • Roberto Bianchi

    Roberto Bianchi

    Managing Director, Sweden

  • Francesco Cricco

    Francesco Cricco

    Supply Chain Director, Italy

  • Zoltan Csengeri

    Zoltan Csengeri

    Location Head, Hungary

  • Karol Gregorczyk

    Karol Gregorczyk

    Sales & Development Director, Italy

  • Peter Henning

    Peter Henning

    Director, Germany

  • Dara Horgan

    Dara Horgan

    Location Head, Ireland

  • Raul Fernandez Moreno

    Raul Fernandez Moreno

    Commercial Director, Spain

  • Frank Niggebrugge

    Frank Niggebrügge

    Managing Director, Germany

  • Jan-Erik Storvse

    Jan-Erik Storvse

    General Manager, Norway

  • Ron Vlutters

    Ron Vlutters

    Managing Director, Holland