Our experienced and motivated people provide strong leadership that encourages, develops and maximises the potential of all employees.
TR's success has been built on a family culture; employees are looked after and cared for in a way that other companies struggle to understand and compete with and are central to TR's core values. Those that join TR, and like it, tend to stay for a lifetime.
Continuous learning development is encouraged to gain new knowledge, skills and the leaders of the future. We value teamwork, each other; we love what we do, we enjoy the people we work with and every day brings new and exciting challenges.
  • Abi Burnett

    Abi Burnett

    Head of Marketing

  • Ian Carlton

    Ian Carlton

    Head of Integrated Business Leadership Processes

  • Lyndsay Case

    Lyndsey Case

    Company Secretary

  • Colin Coddington

    Colin Coddington

    Group IT Director

  • Martin Greenwood

    Martin Greenwood

    Director of Supply Chain Development

  • Dan Griggs

    Dan Griggs

    Group Financial Controller

  • Helen Toole

    Helen Toole

    Group HR Director

  • Mandy Webb

    Maddy Webb

    Director of Quality