Underlying profit before tax*^


Underlying diluted earnings per share*^


GAAP measures diluted earnings per share^


Return on capital employed*^


Dividend per share


Profit before tax^



​* Before separately disclosed items which are shown in the financial statements

^ Presented after adoption of IFRS16 Leases in FY2020. For Underlying EBITDA and Underlying EBITDA%, the impact has been an increase of £3.5m and 170bps at CER (before IFRS16: £20.0m and 10.0%) and £3.5m and 170bps at AER (before IFRS16: £20.0m and 10.0%). For ROCE (AER) the impact has been a reduction of 100bps (before IFRS16: 13.0%). Less significant impacts on the remaining metrics have been explained in a separate table shown in the Business Review