We are a globally recognised leader in our industry – our varied range of products, teams and suppliers serve our many customers across a wide range of industry sectors and, this is underpinned by our wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, logistics, information technology, quality assurance and customer service.
We also like to provide an environment that is safe and fair, which motivates, develops and maximises the contribution and potential of all Group employees.
The “Lancaster” brand has followed the ethos of the Trifast Group by establishing a reputation built on the highest level of customer service one that is second to none within the fastener industry.
To add PTS's growing brand to the established Trifast reputation, and to be not only a distributor, but promote stainless steel fasteners produced by the many manufacturing facilities within the Group and collaborate with the wider TR colleagues globally is a very exciting opportunity for the PTS team.
There is an atmosphere at work that makes you feel you are a part of something bigger than just an organisation, TR is a company that you want to be ‘involved in’, a company that you want to ‘work with’. There is a unique culture in the workplace that cannot be thought overnight but has been developed over-time.
  • David Fisk

    Dave Fisk

    Managing Director, TR Fastenings, UK & Ireland and OEB Member

  • Maria Johnson

    Maria Johnson

    Finance Director, TR Fastenings, UK

  • Stevie Meiklem

    Stevie Meiklem

    Operations Director, TR Fastenings UK and Project Atlas Sponsor

  • Kevin de Stadler

    Kevin de Stadler

    UK & Ireland Sales Director

  • Sam Wilson

    Sam Wilson

    Managing Director, Lancaster Fastener

  • Jason Collyer

    Jason Collyer

    Managing Director, Precision Technology Supplies Ltd