Innovation for TR is responding to customers’ needs, to changing market advances, and marketing those advantages so that the Group can add value and increase its product offering.

A collaborative approach to working with our customers to improve their product and processes.

Partnering our customer

As a Full-Service Provider (FSP) we engage at a deeper level with our customers. This allows us the opportunity to be involved in the early development of a new product or in problem solving a new application.

Over the last decade, we have consciously focused on the recruitment of technical and application engineers to support TR locations and Business Development Managers (BDM’s).

This early involvement and problem-solving capability is proving to be the added value that our customer base, particularly the multinational OEMs that are the mainstay of our business, require of us.

We undergo numerous audits of our facilities and capabilities where we continue to attain high scores from our customers and this assists in securing nominations for new business.

Adding value

We are in a unique situation, compared to competitors, of having the knowledge and technical support of our own eight manufacturing locations to provide additional support to our teams at our 32 global locations. Our major customers also benefit from seeing their product manufactured on site which is an invaluable experience.


In the last few years, we have successfully opened technical & innovation centers in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Birmingham, UK. These locations are in prime locations where there are automotive clusters and engineering headquarters for both OEMs and Tier 1s focusing on new EV and EVB developments.

Greenville in South Carolina, USA was an obvious choice for a third technical & innovation centre as it has a fast developing automotive sector with Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. Clemson CU-ICAR innovation clusters specialise in automotive engineering research and enables students to learn about advanced manufacturing and materials and connected and automated vehicles. The university has incubator units for companies to be on Campus and be part of the new technologies, meet and share information, and have access to business and network opportunities.

Our team visited and spent time being shown the inner workings of the faculty and, without hesitation, secured an incubator unit. This has been ideal for TR business managers and application engineers to work from and to be part of the new technology being developed. It is early days for us but it is an amazing launchpad for expansion into this region and to be part of the new, fast paced, and changing face of automotive as we embrace clean technology through reducing carbon emissions.