Trifast plc continue to operate a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking.

We remain committed to eradicating any and all forms of slavery or human trafficking in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We expect the same from our suppliers and will work with them to help raise awareness and prevent slavery and human trafficking. We enjoy long term and productive relationships with many of our suppliers which carry high levels of trust and confidence in all our efforts to work against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Updates from 2017

Our planned actions included:

  • Continued training on the Modern Slavery Act for our employees engaged in work with our supply chain. This training requirement is ongoing.
  • Awareness training for all employees on modern slavery and how to act in the event of suspecting modern slavery practices. This is planned to be included in our new global induction programme in the coming year.
  • Supplier declarations – covering 80% of our suppliers by value. Status – complete.
  • Annual internal audits have been updated to include checks on modern slavery and declarations are made by each of our Entity Directors that they are compliant with the Act. This is an annual declaration and will continue to be requested and monitored.
  • An independent whistleblowing hotline was launched in all locations which allows our employees to report any concerns in their native language. Status – complete.

Planned actions

Over the remainder of 2018 and into next year, we will be working across the Group to continue to maintain and strengthen our approach to modern slavery and human trafficking. Our goal remains for all of our employees to understand and, where possible, prevent modern slavery and human trafficking. Proposed actions include:

  • The continued monitoring of our own practices and those of our supply chain to further embed and reinforce awareness of modern slavery.
  • The maintenance of our schedule of audits and ensuring they are undertaken against the latest standards.
  • The publication of our Trifast Code of Conduct which will be accessible to all and reinforce the principles for all to follow.
  • The translation of our training documents into local languages to ensure greater reach and understanding.
  • Modern Slavery and human trafficking risks now form part of our Group Risk Analysis.
  • Extending the supplier and sub-contractor audits to suppliers outside of our automotive component suppliers.

Board approval

This statement has been approved by the Main Board of Trifast plc who will review and update it annually.

This statement is made pursuant of section 54(1) of the Act and constitutes our modern slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 March 2018


Mark Belton
Chief Executive Officer
November 2018

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